Al Janoub Stadium

Al Janoub Stadium
ArchitectZaha Hadid
Field Size105 m x 68 m
AddressAl Wakrah, Qatar
Construction Started2014
Completed16 May 2019
CostUS $700 million
OwnerQatar Football Association


Al Janoub Stadium is a football stadium in Al-Wakrah, Qatar. The Stadium is designed by Architect Zaha Hadid. Its construction started in 2014 and completed in 2019. The construction cost of Ohio Stadium is US$ 700 million and opened on 16 May 2019. It is owned and Operator by Al Janoub Stadium.

Al Janoub Stadium Construction
Al Janoub Stadium Construction

More Facts About Al Janoub Stadium

  • It was designed by Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid together with the firm AECOM.
  • The stadium features a curvilinear postmodernist and neo-futurist design.
  • The appearance of the roof was inspired by the sails of traditional Dhow boats used by pearl divers from the region, weaving through currents of the Persian Gulf.
  • The roof of the stadium is retractable and is made from pleated PTFE fabric and cables, with the roof arches being 230 meters long.
  • The cooling system prevents the stadium’s users from overheating, due to Qatar’s hot and arid climate. It is capable of cooling the spectator areas to 18°C and the field of play to 20°C.
  • The sports complex includes a multipurpose room, with swimming pools and spas and a shopping center with green roofs. The entrance to the stadium will be on a wooded square.
  • The domes is absolutely unique, consisting of six interwoven domes and weight of 7,500 tons.
  • There is a impressive visual of the technical platform hovering under the domes and holding floodlights.
  • There was a huge amount of 460,000 m cube soil was excavated and installation of a 28,000 m cube concrete foundation slab.


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