Fred Mills

Fred Mills
Full NameFred Mills
BirthplaceLondon, England, U.K.
Height5′ 8” or 172 cm
SiblingRosanna (Sister)
OccupationYouTube, Entrepreneur
Year Active2015 – Present

Fred Mills is YouTube and Entrepreneur. He is the founder of TheB1M and TomorrowsBuild. He has become a global figure in construction video and a role model to millions of people interested or already working in construction. His mission is to fundamentally alter the perception of construction on planet Earth.

More about Fred Mills

  • Before starting youtube, he was working as a contractor.
  • Fred created a youtube channel ”The B1M” which focuses on sharing the best of construction.
  • His channel helps and improves the industry while helping to attract more people to come and work in it.
  • He also won an Industry Achiever of the Year 2014
  • In September 2020, The B1M was named one of the 20 best educational YouTube channels in the world by The Times.
  • In May 2021, Fred launched a new channel ”Tomorrow’s Build” which focused on shaping the future of construction.
  • The B1M is now one of YouTube’s most celebrated educational channels.
  • Fred is a leading influencer in the sector, frequently speaking at international events and sharing his expertise with schools, colleges, and organizations.
  • The B1M into the world’s largest, most subscribed-to video channel for construction with over 2 million YouTube subscribers and 20 million viewers each month.
Fred Mills

Top 5 Videos of B1M

2018Norway’s $47BN Coastal Highway19 Million
2019Why Europe Doesn’t Build Skyscrapers12 Million
2018Hyperloop Explained8.0 Million
2020Why Shanghai Tower Failed7.0 Million
2018The World’s Most Remote Buildings6.8 Million


Social Media

Social MediaCountsProfiles
Instagram10,000 FollowersLink
Twitter12,000 FollowersLink
The B1M2.2 MillionLink
Tomorrow Build230K SubscribersLink
Build In Brief50K SubscribersLink

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